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Back Stretcher Overview

December 2nd, 2013

The new crop of back stretchers is great news nowadays for people who have lower back pain, or just plain tight feeling back muscles.

f you have been going around feeling like you’re back just needs to be popped, or you suffer discomfort from hours of sitting in an office chair, one of these devices may help you.

Lynx Portable Back Stretcher

Probably the hottest item in this new crop of back stretching devices is the Lynx portable back stretcher. It’s pretty clear why this is becoming popular, as it has a number of advantages over its competition. First of all, it’s portable. You can fold this thing up and collapse it down to put it into its storage bag, and it’ll only be 20 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches. And it only weighs five and half pounds. Not bad, you could just tosses in the trunk intake into the office.

All you have to do is unfold and extend it then secure your ankles in the foot supports. Then you use your hands on the leverage handles and stretch! This is the best kind of traction – traction that you apply and that you control. The manufacturer says that you can lengthen your skeleton by more than an inch and that will increase joint flexibility while helping you to achieve better spinal alignment.

Lumbar Extenders

The first thing we are going to look at is simple lumbar extenders. These consist of one flat side faced with a convex side for you to lie on, or to place between your back in the back of your chair. They help to promote proper seating posture and provide support for your lower back. Some of them can also be used without your chair. Simply lower the lumbar extender on the floor, lie on it and relax.

Back Stretcher -Ab Trainers

Then we have those devices which are combination of a back stretcher and an ad trainer. They kind of look like a chair, albeit one whose arch is back and away from your legs as you lean back in it. According to the manufacturers, when you lean back on these devices it expands the distance between your discs and relieves backaches while helping to realign your spine. I guess that you can get in an ab workout also by leaning back and then leaning forward. » Read more: Back Stretcher Overview

Grow Taller Exercises – The Best Exercises to Increase Your Height Naturally Regardless of Your Age

December 2nd, 2013

You can grow taller even after you have reached the age of 25. However, if you are still in the growing stage, you can reach your potential and desired height if you follow certain activities. Some of these activities include diet, adequate sleep, and exercise.

An effective way of increasing your height is by way of height increase exercise programs that are designed to improve posture, strengthen core muscles, and encourage the body to up the levels of growth hormones released in the blood stream. Some exercises like sprinting, cycling, or swimming are proven to have an impact on the body production of growth hormones. This article will focus more on stretching (which is a grow taller exercise) that is aimed to imitate to conditions observed in other resistance-based exercises like resistance training and weight lifting. This results in stronger abdominal and back muscles.

Stronger muscles reduce the invertebral discs’ compression. This thickens the cartilage in the spinal column, thus lengthening the spinal column and naturally increasing the height. Some of these exercises are the pelvic shift, dry land swim, and hanging.

The pelvic shift is favored by most fitness instructors as it is a simple exercise but you will immediately feel the stretching that occurs in your spine and hips. The dry land swim (a/k/a the Alternate Leg Kick) focuses on the lower back. Start by lying down flat on your tummy and your body fully extended. Place your arms in front of you with palms toward the floor. Raise the left arm higher than the right arm. Then keep the legs straight and lift the right leg off the ground as fast as you can.

Hanging is known to increase the height by one to two inches. Counteract the effect of gravity through a simple hanging exercise that lets the weight of your lower torso stretch the spine and reduce tension between the vertebrae. For this exercise, you need a horizontal bar high enough for your body to extend fully. If the body cannot extend fully, bend your knees a little until you freely hang. » Read more: Grow Taller Exercises – The Best Exercises to Increase Your Height Naturally Regardless of Your Age