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Intimacy Opens Your Heart to Beautiful Lovemaking

December 29th, 2011

Often a subject that some may find difficult to talk about, yet secretly desire to.

Discover how to awaken your senses and experience the passion within you through the art of using essential oils and other delights for love-making.

Here, I will share recipes and essential oils, however keep in mind that our own smell preference is vital. We each are individuals and may have some aromas that we either love or simply cannot stand to smell for whatever reason and is not always known. Be mindful of the essential oils you choose to use and make sure that both you and your partner find the chosen scents pleasing.

The Senses

Smell plays such an important role in our everyday living and if we enjoy what we are smelling it will assist in improving our health and wellbeing as well as stimulate our senses. Smell can evoke pleasure, on all levels emotionally, psychologically and physiologically. When choosing your essential oils for love play take the time to smell them, take note of how you feel, what you feel, are you smiling, do they do it for you?

Taste how sweet and satisfying it is when we eat our favourite food, this alone can be a sensual experience. Some of my favourite sensual fruits are figs, pomegranates, juicy mangoes, strawberries and lychees. Chocolate of course is always associated to love. Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and chilli are very exotic. Seafood especially caviar, crayfish and oysters can be incorporated by having a sensual dining experience. The colour, texture, aroma, flavour and look can all give a hint of sensuality. Even the way you eat. The simple act of eating with your fingers can be very sensual. Experience tasting morsels of food shared with your partner by feeding one another.

The power of touch, slow gentle caressing, massaging, using feather light fingers or feathers themselves. On hot balmy days and nights gently massaging with an ice cube can be a very sensual experience. There is something to be said in having lush cushions, silky sheets and soft thick blankets to lie on.

Having beautiful things to look at such as a fire on a cold chilly eve, fragrant candles burning to create a soft ambient light. On hot balmy days and nights hanging curtains that are light and gently move in the breeze, essential oils diffusing and having a bunch of beautiful flowers on display. Setting the scene taking and into account the visual affect will have a positive impact. » Read more: Intimacy Opens Your Heart to Beautiful Lovemaking

Revitalise Yourself With Aromatherapy

December 26th, 2011

Are you tired, working hard and all you want to do is go home and relax?

For some of us it isn’t always possible to go home from work and put our feet up and chill out! Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has the ability to promote motivation, energy, strength, endurance and much more.

Here are some simple and effective ways in which to use aromatherapy for many and varied conditions. You can use inhalations, room sprays, bathing and your aromatherapy burner or diffuser.

When you get home take a mini break, this need only be 10-15 minutes. Choose some essential oils to inhale or diffuse. Sit in a comfortable chair and take some slow deep breaths. Breath in the essential oil aroma, feel your body beginning to relax and let go. Feel the tension from the day slip away and out of your body. Continue to breath slowly and stay with this for as long as you feel the need to. By doing this exercise you will begin to feel in harmony with your mind, body and soul and you will feel your energy returning. If you are unable to sit for any length of time you can lay down to do this exercise. Another way to experience relaxation with essential oils is to have a bath or foot bath, use dry inhalations or use aromatherapy room and body sprays.

When using essential oils to assist with raising your energy, relax or uplift your emotions one thing to take into account is to choose your favourite essential oils. As soon as you smell an aroma that you love, you are immediately transported to a place that no one can take away from you. Often pleasant and past memories or experiences will be evoked. You will naturally start to release tension and feel better.

I highly recommend you choose essential oils that resonate with you personally as this will give you the desired results faster. Below I have made a few suggestions from my own personal experience. Remember you can choose one essential oil or make a blend from three. It is up to you, your nose knows best and your body will tell you. » Read more: Revitalise Yourself With Aromatherapy